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About Us

Post by Saec » Wed Sep 06, 2017 8:47 am

We have a long history and the guild has only had 2 GMs since HLS and WOW launched in November 2004, Sol aka Sollus until 2011, and Saffy from then on. We've had a few officers that have changed hands but the majority of HLS leadership has been in the guild for several years. We are a stable and solid team of gamers with longstanding comradery.

HLS has expanded to include a lot of great people, and we're committed to these values:
[list[[*]Being Excellent to one another. We are all a class act.
[*]Having fun in the games we play. If it's not fun we actually recommend taking a break or not grinding whatever thing is going on.
[*]Recruiting only like-minded people. We are honest about who we are throughout the application process.

For the first several years, the recruitment strategy was very conservative. We didn't actively recruit on the forums or stand around in Orgrimmar spamming /ginvite. All of our recruiting had been done via networking irl and in-game. And it took a long time. HLS has a history of being very picky on who joined. It took me 3 months to get into the guild! We are not nearly that selective now, we actively recruit using Openraid and these forums.

Where are we going with it?
We are committed to running raids to progress through content but doing so on a reasonable schedule that accommodates a game/life balance. We are proud of the level of content we can conquer on a relatively limited time budget per week. We are growing the number of games we play together just as much as Blizzard is expanding their titles.

Raid/Group Scheduling
Regarding raid scheduling - We raid two nights a week from 20:00-22:15 Server time on Tuesdays and Thursdays (7:00PM-9:15PM CST). We may throw in an additional optional night during a new tier for those interested for one hour. The extra night is based on guild interest and not mandatory.

The other nights of the week are open for scheduling. The GM and Officers are responsible for facilitating Progression Raid content and rosters. We leave it up to the membership to facilitate setting up other content using the forums and guild calendar. Some raids/instance groups are scheduled 5 minutes before they start, but most are setup during the day while we're all at work. We use the forums for this since we can plan things in advance and discuss strategy, roster, and some of the goals so that we are ready to go at start time. If anyone is feeling left out of raids (common issue in guilds), I encourage people to set up an instance run and schedule things further out in advance. 3-5 days is a sweet spot. If at first your event doesn't get enough people, try again.

We don't really have any rules in the guild. I feel like if we recruit cool people, you don't need to have rules. The closest thing to rules we have is our loot guidelines in this forum. We have posted guidelines and expectations clearly defined for folks that want to raid Heroic content for HLS.

I'm not your boss, I'll try and provide leadership and organization, but that is it.

GL and HF

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