HLS Returns from Break 9/29!

Guild related announcements are here for both ingame Achievements and Site Updates!
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HLS Returns from Break 9/29!

Post by Safaladi »

Greetings all! At the end of the month we are planning to start up raiding again. Here are a few guild notes for everyone:

Leadership notes:

Zenferatu will take over as tank in place of Ryndstrum who has entered raid retirement. Zen is our recruitment officer, and a long time guild member (10+ years).

Erysse will continue as raid leader in Shadowlands. Erysse joined us in Legion and has been a very active raiding participant. She is avialable for coaching and direction and loves to examine numbers in raids and M+.

Ryndstrum has entered raid retirement but will be around for Shadowlands to play.

Site notes:

I'm working on updating the theme and integrating Discord for logging in for forums.

I fixed some errors that were related to cookies.
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