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by Safaladi
Mon Sep 04, 2017 10:50 am
Forum: Announcements
Topic: HLS Forum Updates!
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HLS Forum Updates!

Hey guys, I've been working on some updates to the forums. I wanted to incorporate a portal to make this feel more like a web-site rather than just forums. Please let me know what you think and what you would like to see next! The next thing on the list is a style that matches Wow, rather than this ...
by Safaladi
Sat Jun 17, 2017 7:15 am
Forum: Announcements
Topic: HLS site is back up!
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HLS site is back up!

Good day everyone! Just wanted to throw out a Guild Update: New forums, next raid tier, and recruiting. We had some issues with the old forums and are in transition to using PHPBB instead of Vbulletin. We need HLS members and friends to sign up again on this forum while Tilo works the old forum data...
by Safaladi
Sat Jun 17, 2017 6:51 am
Forum: Guild Recruitment
Topic: How to Join the Guild!
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How to Join the Guild!

About us : Hordeland Security is a guild that started at launch. Over our World of Warcraft history, we raided on Blackhand, Baelgun, and now Turalyon. We are a semi-hardcore 20-25-man raiding guild. Our goal is to finish Heroic mode before the next tier and then dabble into Mythic content; all whi...
by Safaladi
Wed Jun 14, 2017 4:47 am
Forum: General Discussion
Topic: New HLS forum!!!
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New HLS forum!!!

Hey guys, please sign up for this board - the old forums are dead right now. Tilo is working on restoring and converting the board to phpbb as we speak, he is optimistic about saving threads at the very least. If we cannot fully restore it we are going to salvage what we can, but since we do not hav...