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    by Published on 2014-12-27 06:10 AM

    HLS has been working hard since the expansion release, and we are moving into Heroic kills to add to our resume for the new content! There are lots of new learning experiences and it is absolutely wonderful having new content again! We have dominated the new dungeons, now we are starting to dominate Raiding once again! We are progressing through Heroic content to build up our gear for Mythic Raiding!

    This is a really great time to be a part of this awesome family. If you have any interest please look here on how to join and our expectations!
    by Published on 2014-09-27 06:45 AM

    On Thursday HLS met its 8th heroic boss kill in the form of General Nazgrim! Congrats to the 10 man team to accomplish this.

    The past few months we've been raiding at our regular times, but have been hitting other raid instances to change things up. We are doing what we can to keep interest in wow, but Blizzard has not been helping with the long time we've been stuck in SoO. For now we've got a 10 man heroic team, and a 10 man normal team (this team has people interested in swapping toons or playing an alt to change it up.)

    We are always looking for new blood and are currently recruiting for Mythic content coming in 6.0! Please look here for more information!
    by Published on 2014-06-24 09:43 PM

    Tonight we nailed Heroic Dark Shaman on our first night of attempting him. For us that ended up being so much easier than some of the other heroic modes.

    With the month of July we will be shifting focus again to Heroic T14 and T15. This will provide a change of scenery with some heroic SoO progression mixed in.

    We are still recruiting and have raiding slots available (DPS slots only now). Important to note, we 24 manned our last 3 heroic first kills, including tonights!
    by Published on 2014-06-19 09:12 PM

    We nailed Heroic Juggernaut today, and got another Heroic Galrakas kill as well! That pushes us to 5/14 in Heroic 25 man. We 24 manned him for the record, so we have at least one spot to bring people aboard. Apply to join today!
    by Published on 2014-06-19 01:43 PM

    So it's been a while since a web-site update has been posted! We've knocked down Heroic Galrakas in 25 and Heroic Sha in 10man. We are still progression on content this far in the expansion and plan to keep going strong.

    We hit Heroic Juggernaut 25 and got him to 17% in our first run through. We've been setting goals and making sure to change things up every few weeks to keep the game fresh so we are not only hitting one boss for weeks upon end.

    The last two weeks we've been making sure the earlier heroic bosses are truly on farm, and upping our collective item level as well. In the month of July, we plan to take a couple of weeks off to play around in Tier 14 and 15 heroic modes for a change of scenery.

    We are an MoP rebuilt community of online friends with a leadership core that has played together for over 7 years. If you are looking for a home where heroic progression is slow but steady and have the personal expectation that you will grow stronger as a player; HLS could be the home for you. We are accepting new applications for all classes for DPS and Healing roles.
    by Published on 2014-03-25 09:12 PM

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    Tonight we killed Heroic Protectors! We've gotten Garrosh 25 to nearly farm status and have begun a rotation of heroic Tuesdays (first raid night) and Garrosh farm Thursdays (last raid night). This pace should keep us moving along and minimizing burnout until the expansion comes out (December 20th.... /wrist).

    With Diablo 3's expansion out we've got our raiders continuing to raid group up to slay demons and level.

    We are currently recruiting DPS players. Please click here for more info.
    by Published on 2014-02-21 06:38 AM

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    Heroic Norushen has fallen! For us he was not the easiest heroic boss.
    We will be focusing on Heroic Protectors in the next couple of weeks.

    WE ARE RECRUITING!!! We have a couple raider slots open for exceptional melee, ranged DPS and one healer slot. We are not looking for hunters (we have 7 right now). If you are looking for a new home with stable leadership and want to do heroic content; but do not want to spend more than two nights and 4.5 hours a week, then check us out and apply today!