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    by Published on 2015-04-10 06:19 AM

    Hi guys,

    Just wanted to throw out an update. We like to consider ourselves a semi-hardcore progression raiding guild, but so far we didn't really have any Mythic kills on our belt.

    We now stand at 1/7 Mythic Highmaul and 7/10 Heroic Blackrock Foundry.

    HLS usually progresses at a steady pace and our normal goal is to hit every boss on one Heroic difficulty before progressing to Mythic. But we got a bit restless and wanted to prove to ourselves that we had more than enough talent to make it happen (even if a certain mage bit the bullet due to a missed hand of protection at the start of the fight).

    We have a solid core of gamers that play well together with no drama, and have stable, long standing leadership. We raid only 2 nights a week, for 2.25 hours:

    Tuesday and Thursday from 9:00ST to 11:15ST (8:00PM-10:15pm Central)

    We are looking to add some depth to our roster as we progress further into Mythic content. There are opportunities to become a full-time raider.

    Please click here for more information about joining HLS.
    by Published on 2015-03-08 06:06 AM

    It's been a while since we updated our progress, but we've been busy clearing out Heroic Blackrock Foundry!! We have cleared Heroic Gruul, Heroic Hanz'gar and Franzok, Heroic Beastlord Darmak, and Heroic Operator Thogar!! We are very close to finishing off Heroic Flamebender Ka'graz too! We decided that clearing Normal was a crutch for learning sake so when we kill a boss now we get real item upgrades...as well as the satisfaction. We are still looking for some high end DPS to help us clear this Heroic content to make way for Mythic (the true challenge).

    Please click here for more information about joining HLS.
    by Published on 2015-01-04 08:27 PM

    We are moving along on our path to Mythic content!! After changing strats a few times we took down Heroic Tectus, and took ...
    by Published on 2015-01-01 10:30 PM

    We have had an awesome start to the new year....we downed 2 more Heroic bosses!! We got Tectus farther then we did on Normal as well, so we've already made huge progress! Mythic here we come!!!
    by Published on 2014-12-31 12:34 PM

    We are now 2 bosses into Heroics! We downed Brackenspore and are looking to kill Heroic Twin Ogron next! It's still Holliday season so we don't have a full roster like usual, but we are doing great with the people who are around!
    by Published on 2014-12-27 06:10 AM

    HLS has been working hard since the expansion release, and we are moving into Heroic kills to add to our resume for the new content! There are lots of new learning experiences and it is absolutely wonderful having new content again! We have dominated the new dungeons, now we are starting to dominate Raiding once again! We are progressing through Heroic content to build up our gear for Mythic Raiding!

    This is a really great time to be a part of this awesome family. If you have any interest please look here on how to join and our expectations!
    by Published on 2014-09-27 06:45 AM

    On Thursday HLS met its 8th heroic boss kill in the form of General Nazgrim! Congrats to the 10 man team to accomplish this.

    The past few months we've been raiding at our regular times, but have been hitting other raid instances to change things up. We are doing what we can to keep interest in wow, but Blizzard has not been helping with the long time we've been stuck in SoO. For now we've got a 10 man heroic team, and a 10 man normal team (this team has people interested in swapping toons or playing an alt to change it up.)

    We are always looking for new blood and are currently recruiting for Mythic content coming in 6.0! Please look here for more information!