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    Hordeland Security (Turalyon server) is a World of Warcraft guild that started at launch in 2004. We are a semi-hardcore Heroic/Mythic raiding guild that raids 2 nights a week for 2.25 hours each night. Our goal is to complete the current tier before the next one comes out in Heroic mode and then dabble into Mythic mode. We are a fun group of mature adults who take our game time seriously. We also play other Blizzard titles in small groups regularly.

    For more information, please contact our raid leader - Deurdon - Duerdon#1111 or Director - Saffy - Saffy #1122.
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    by Published on 2016-07-07 09:08 AM

    We ended up downing Mythic Iron Reaver on June 1st! This is a challenging fight for us, this boss is far from being on farm. Mythic Kormrok is close to being downed, consistently getting down to the 30% mark.

    What have we been up to the last month? We hit Mythic mode every other week and Heroic farming with alts/mains. Sometimes we change it up and do some Achievement runs in T17 content for fun. And more recently, we had a small guild escapade on the PTR to do some dungeons with the revamped classes!
    by Published on 2016-04-19 08:42 PM

    We managed to take down Mythic Hellfire Assault in 2 nights, with only 10 wipes total! We managed to get Mythic Iron Reaver to 42% but had some issues with barrage and bombs! Stuff hits hard!
    by Published on 2016-04-06 03:04 PM

    After some long gear grinds, and perfecting our strategies to get the rest of Heroic Hellfire Citadel on farm status, we have finally killed Heroic Archimonde!!! We are now 13/13 Heroic....and it....feels.....GOOD!!!

    Every one of you deserve the moose mount/achievement ...
    by Published on 2016-03-13 06:19 PM

    In belated news, HLS took down Mannortha at the beginning of February! We have made many friends while using OpenRaid to add to our raid team. If your raid team fell through while waiting for Legion feel free to sign up with us on Openraid.
    by Published on 2015-12-12 10:24 AM

    This week we took down both Tyrant Velhari and Xhul'horac! We got Heroic Mannoroth down to 30% before needing to call it quits for the night so he is certainly on deck!

    This upcoming week we are using OpenRaid to set up Archimode timers in Normal mode so that we can set up a farm day for the ring upgrades and make it easier for our raiders to take the time off that they want/need for the holidays. We will be continuing Heroic raiding next year.

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