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    Welcome to the Hordeland Security (HLS) Guild Forums. We are an AOTC 20-25-man raiding guild of mature adults that have been raiding together for several years. We raid Tuesdays and Thursdays for a little over two hours each night. We have been a successful raiding guild since the game launched on 2004. Our guild prides itself in being able to balance game content for people that have families and work obligations. For more information about us, please click here!!

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HLS Discord Main Communication

We use these forums for communication, but lately we've integrated everything into Discord for ease of use. Please use the link below to connect and follow the instructions on the #welcome page:


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HLS is more active than ever!

Hi everyone, we really stopped using the forums earlier this year. To stay up to date with all the guild activities, join us on the discord server. There is a spot to apply to join the guild, and more opportunities to talk to us there.

We run content together every night, whether its M+, raiding, pug raiding, or simply a fishing/herbing chill group. We have pugged Mythic Taloc, got ourselves to 5/8 Heroic and 8/8 Normal Uldir.

If you are looking for a drama-free environment, and want to join a community of gamers that have played together more than 8 years (some more than 12), then we just might be the home for you! HLS has always identified as semi-hardcore, we expect all consumables to be used in progression, and we take our short raid times seriously. We regularly like to run with guildies in M+ groups over pugging, and generally make a group or 2 a night with only guildies.

Link to join HLS Discord Server:


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HLS 11/11 Heroic Mode

Hey everyone, just a quick update. We downed Heroic Argus!!! Please join us on discord (post above) ^ or to the side has the details on how to get in. >

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HLS has 8/11 on Farm!

Hello all, we've been actively using the HLS Discord server for comms, but for those who still visit the site, just wanted to give an update:

HLS is doing well, we are working on Heroic Coven, and should be continuing to progress to the end of heroic over the next few weeks. We are still recruiting DPS, and prefer ranged, though all may apply. Please talk to Maplefire#1962 on Discord if interested. We may be looking into Mythic mode in the near future and would like to fill a few more dps slots, so there's still time!

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HLS moves to 4/11 H Antorus

HLS moves to 4/11 in H Antorus. We took out two bosses that we were working on - Eonar and High Command. Nice work on all who were present!

We are currently recruiting, join us on Discord:


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